The AdaptX is a new state-of-the-art modular drilling machine, designed with adaptability at its core to streamline project execution.

Unlike other drilling machines on the market, its modular design means it can be adapted for a range of drilling methods to best suit the conditions at the site and client specifications.

The AdaptX modular drilling system is a new machine poised to revolutionise the drilling, tunnelling and boring industry. The modular design of this machine means it can be adapted for a range of works including vacuum, slurry, bed boring, auger boring and pipe jacking.

Other capabilities of the AdaptX include pressure air vacuum, HDD, displacement pilot, canopy tunnel drilling, pipe assist and pipe bursting. Torque and speed can also be adjusted to suit the job.

The AdaptX Mini features a torque range of 10,000 to 60,000 with a max thrust of 40 tonnes. The AdaptX Maxi has a torque range of 17,500 to 180,000 with a max thrust of 125 tonnes.

Torque Pilot Torque Ream Max Thrust
AXIS 6,000 ft-lbs
(8229 Nm)
6,000 ft-lbs
(8229 Nm)
40,000 lbs
(18.15 tonnes)
ADAPTX MINI 10,000 ft-lbs
(13,558 Nm)
60,000 ft-lbs
(81,350 Nm)
88,185 lbs
(40 tonnes)
ADAPTX MAXI 17,500 ft-lbs
(23,725 Nm)
180,000 ft-lbs
(244,050 Nm)
275,000 lbs
(125 tonnes)


Hard rock is no longer a challenge to drill through. The AdaptX has a new drilling tool that increases the rate of successful pipeline installations in very hard rock, while still maintaining accuracy, productivity and efficiency. The pneumatic rock hammer uses high pressure air hammers (similar to vertical DTH heads) in sequence, exhausting cuttings through a custom removal system.


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